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Friday, November 2, 2007

At current prices, $10 million in gold ... are 31.4 bars

...That fits into a suitcase. Granted, it's too heavy to carry...

At current prices, $10 million in gold are 12,574 troy ounces.

If you have 400 oz bars, it takes 31.4 bars.

1 400 oz bar is 200mm x 80mm x 45mm

If you arrange the bars like six packs and stack 5 on top of one another, you can arrange 40 bars in the following space

200mm * 3 = 600 mm = 22. 62 inches length
80mm * 2 = 160 mm = 6.3 inches width
45mm * 5 = 225 mm = 8.9 inches height

( source for the dimensions of bars: )

That fits into a suitcase. Granted, it's too heavy to carry as these are 0.391 tonnes or 862 pounds.

While it makes gold less portable than diamonds, a car can easily carry such a load. Gold's uniformity may be more important than a diamond that needs to rely on certificates.

If you can afford it, you may want to carry a stack of both - and don't forget some gold coins as you are unlikely to get any change if fiat money is no longer accepted.

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Axel Merk
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